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A new packaging is now available in the SLAUR SARDET catalogue: the can.
Ideal for on-the-go consumption, it allows rapid cooling of drinks.
The metal can is infinitely recyclable; lightweight, it offers the possibility to be stacked,
which allows a high efficiency of its transport chain and a reduction of its carbon footprint.
It is, from today, offered under the MANGOUSTAN’S and EPERON brands.
Bring a little freshness to your summer with SLAUR SARDET long drinks !

  • MANGOUSTAN'S Cola Rum : discover the MANGOUSTAN'S rum twisted with the sparkling notes of cola, a subtle and balanced alliance. Serve fresh as an aperitif.

  • MANGOUSTAN'S Coffee Cola Rum : enjoy yourself with a refreshing drink with a unique taste resulting from the striking encounter of coffee and cola with MANGOUSTAN'S rum.

  • EPERON Cola Whisky : EPERON whisky mixed with cola! the popular long drink now available in ready-to-drink cans. Consumed very fresh, it will be the ideal aperitif for evenings with friends.